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Permanent Home Required For 2 Older Cats

Brindle and Sheba

These 2 girls are looking for a loving permanent home together.   Brindle is a brown tortie Burmese aged 10 and a half, Sheba is a brown tabby domestic shorthair of uncertain age (thought to be 10+).  Indoor home preferred although the girls would also be OK with access to a safe outdoor area.  They are not used to having freedom to roam,  so definitely nowhere near a road.   Please see the  Burmese Cat Club website  for more information.

NB Insurance cover will be available for these cats when rehomed.


Please email me or telephone 01777 249075 if you can help.



Sticky: Current Kittens

Ocicat & Burmese Kittens Born November 2011

It was lovely to have 2 litters born so close together –  Alice’s kittens arrived on the evening of November 8th, and Cherry’s on November 11th (the final birth being exactly at midnight!) – 11.11.11,  a most memorable date!

Alice helped Cherry with the birth of her kittens,  it was very moving to see the fantastic co-operation between the pair of them.  They have reared the kittens jointly all the way through and it’s been great to watch them.

There are 5 kittens in each litter – all 5 Burmese are chocolate (4 girls, 1 boy);  there are 2 blue Ocicat Classics (both boys), a blue spotted Ocicat girl, blue spotted boy, and a tawny spotted girl.  Some are suitable for showing as neuters, or possibly for breeding to the right homes.

Currently the Burmese are all spoken for. There are still 2 Ocicat kittens available (blue spotted girl and blue classic boy), please feel free to contact me by email or phone 01777 249075 if you would like to meet them!

Here are some photos of the kittens.  Click on any picture to start a slideshow.




New Look For Vervain Cats!

I’ve decided to start a new Vervain Cats website, using WordPress.  I first started using this software in January 2011 and rapidly became addicted!  I will however leave the old site in place as it was very much a labour of love, the whole thing being designed and coded by me.   As you can see, I’ve kept the same logo and background,  text and link colours etc.

It will now be much easier for me to keep up to date with my latest news and I hope you’ll like the new format.