New Ocicat Kittens

4 Ocicat Kittens born August 10th 2012

Zelda, tawny Ocicat Classic, produced a perfect litter of 4 during the afternoon of August 10th.  Her due date was actually the 12th so I wasn’t expecting them to arrive so early, and consequently missed the whole thing! However, lilac Burmese Cherry was on hand to help out and by the time I found them,  all the kittens were clean and suckling nicely :)

Dad is Ch Aalspotz Levi (Blue Ocicat)

We have the following kittens:

  • Black silver Ocicat Classic boy
  • Chocolate Ocicat boy
  • Chocolate Ocicat Classic girl
  • Chocolate Ocicat girl

I’ve posted photos and a video of the Ocicat kittens on my Facebook page and will get some new pics on here soon.

You’re welcome to contact me for more information.

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