New Kittens – September 2014

We have Asian kittens

Sophie’s first litter since 2011 arrived on August 28th.  She has 3 boys and 1 girl.   The boys are:  a black self Tiffanie, a brown ticked tabby, and a black silver Burmilla.  The girl is a brown silver Burmilla (although I have a slight suspicion she could be a Tiffanie!)

Dad is Hugo (Daylight Elrond of Vervain) – black silver Burmilla

Cherry (lilac Burmese) gave birth on September 15th –  she had 2 kittens but sadly one was dead.  The remaining kitten is a brown smoke boy (or possibly a brown variant).  I haven’t yet managed to get a decent picture of him, sorry.

A Slight Accident….

Finally,  my Ocicat Classic girl Zelda produced 5 healthy kittens on September 8th, and guess what,  Hugo did the honours again….he had quite a good time during June!  (he is now in his outdoor accommodation).  So, although this was not a planned mating, it is still potentially useful for anyone wanting to breed Asian Classic or Spotted Tabbies, because the kittens all carry the correct genes.  There are 4 black ticked tabbies (2 girls, 1 boy) and 1 black silver ticked tabby girl.  All of them have tiny spots (“trout spotting”).  They will look quite stunning when their pattern is fully developed.

The coloured “collars” are stretchy ponytail bands  – essential for telling the kittens apart!

I’ll allow potential owners to visit and meet the kittens from around mid-October, so please do get in touch if you’re interested.  I’ve had several enquiries already.

Contact me by email or call 01777 249075.



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