Vervain Breeding Queens

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I currently have 2  Burmese queens.  Cherry (Vervain Cherryplum) is a pretty lilac girl, born March 2008.  She did very well at shows as a kitten and was Best of Variety Burmese Kitten at the GCCF Supreme Show in 2008.   Inbreeding 4.2% (8 generations) / 22.4% (16 generations).

View Cherry’s pedigree


Lola (Vervain Laurelin), a chocolate tortie, was born in September 2009.  She is Cherry’s half-sister.  Tragically, their mother Nina died when Lola was just over 5 weeks old.    Lola hasn’t had a litter as yet but hopefully she will in 2012. Inbreeding 4.2% (8 generations) / 26.9% (16 generations).

View Lola’s pedigree



I don’t currently have a Burmilla queen as I’m waiting for a suitable silver girl from another breeder.   I do however have Sophie (Vervain Sophie-Elisabeth) who is a brown silver Asian ticked tabby and my last remaining longhair carrier.   I am hoping to mate her to an unrelated silver longhair carrier boy to produce both Burmillas and Tiffanies. Inbreeding 2.3% (8 generations) / 18.2% (16 generations).

View Sophie’s pedigree


Ocicat & Ocicat Classic

At the moment I have Alice (Vervain Aerlinn), a tawny spotted girl, and her daughter Zelda (Vervain Sielun Veljet) a tawny classic.   Ocicat Classics are now recognised by GCCF and can be interbred with (spotted) Ocicats.  Personally I love the classic pattern and enjoy having litters of spotted and classic patterned kittens.

Alice’s is a well marked tawny with dark brown spots, good contrast and a warm bronze undercoat.  Her father was Teemu (Lumo Tezcatlipoca, lilac Finnish import)  so she carries both blue and chocolate. Inbreeding 1.4% (8 generations) and 20.5% (16 generations).

View Alice’s pedigree


Zelda is a very strikingly patterned girl with intense black markings and a rich warm bronze ground colour.  I’ve often heard it said that silvers produce poor colour in their non-silver offspring, (Zelda’s dad was chocolate silver) but I’ve proved this wrong many times with my Ocicats.  Inbreeding 2.9% (8 generations) and 23.4% (16 generations).

View Zelda’s pedigree


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