Vervain Stud Cats

My stud cats are available to suitable queens recently tested for FeLV/FIV – each boy lives in comfortable heated outdoor accommodation with equally comfortable adjacent pens and runs for visiting queens. All matings are supervised and no sharing of food/water bowls or litter trays is permitted, to minimise risk of cross-infection. I have many years’ experience of stud cat ownership and am always happy to give help and advice on suitability of matings and possible kitten colours. Enquiries about the boys are very welcome – email or telephone 01777 249075 .

You can look at the boy’s pedigrees and photos under their individual headings.

Please note: I strongly believe that breeding restrictions are destroying many of our pedigree breeds, therefore I do not place unreasonable restrictions on my boys’ progeny. If queen owners wish to breed from a kitten sired by one of my stud cats, I would be happy to discuss this.


Hugo (Daylight Elrond of Vervain) is a black shaded silver Burmilla carrying Longhair.


Errol (Eros de Grainoge) is a very handsome chocolate boy, imported from France in July 2010. His pedigree combines Australian, European and old UK lines with no contemporary US lines whatsoever. I am very keen to introduce some new blood to the UK Burmese gene pool due to the serious inbreeding problem that is developing here. He has a beautiful pale milk chocolate coat and excellent overall type. He was bred by Prue Kerr, a longstanding, well respected breeder and judge of Burmese and Burmillas. Inbreeding 0% (8 generations), 15.5% (16 generations). GM tested negative.  View his pedigree


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