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Vervain Kittens – Further Information on Adopting

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Vervain Kittens

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing my website and meeting my cats and kittens! If you’ve decided on adopting a kitten or two to share your life, your first step should be to contact me, either via the contact form, via email, or by phone (01777 249075 ). I do respond to emails within 24 hours (frequently much sooner) and am usually available on the phone. Other points to note:

  • All kittens not sold for breeding are neutered before leaving me – this does not mean that I never sell kittens for breeding – I am always willing to discuss possibilities and offer advice should anyone be interested
  • All kittens are fully vaccinated for flu, enteritis and feline leukaemia
  • All kittens are GCCF and/or TICA registered, and microchipped
  • I don’t take deposits on unborn kittens
  • I don’t often have a waiting list, as I’ve found that most prospective buyers prefer not to wait
  • I would normally expect you to visit and meet the kittens, myself and my other cats before making any decision – an exception would probably be made if you live too far away to visit
  • I don’t allow visitors until the kittens have reached 5-6 weeks of age
  • I request a deposit of £100 when we have mutually agreed on your choice of kitten(s) – this is refundable up to 2 weeks before collection of your kitten(s), if there is a good reason for your change of mind. At later dates any refund is at my discretion.
  • I prefer not to place a single kitten into a home where the owners are out all day (two kittens would be a better option)
  • Purchasers are asked to sign an Adoption Agreement when collecting their kitten(s)
  • Kittens are sold with 4 weeks insurance cover from Petplan – I strongly encourage continuation of insurance for at least the first year

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