Meet the Breeder!

Naomi J Johnson

I’ve been breeding since 1990, having started with Burmese, moving on to Asians in 1993 and Ocicats in 1999. My breeding is strictly a hobby, albeit one that I take very seriously indeed. My cats are first and foremost much loved pets, the majority of whom (with the exception of stud boys) live in our house as valued members of the family. I never keep more cats at any one time than I can give sufficient individual attention to each and every day.

I’m a clinical biochemist by training (hence the scientific qualifications!) although I haven’t worked in the field for a number of years; I do however maintain a keen interest in the medical aspects of cat care, and am particularly interested in feline colour genetics. In the past I’ve run a small boarding cattery, having completed the Feline Advisory Bureau‘s course in cattery management, and still take occasional boarders, especially kittens I’ve bred who come back to stay for their holidays. I have been involved with the UK Cat Fancy for many years now, and am currently a member of three club committees, Secretary of the  Lincolnshire Cat Club (I designed their website!) also of the Exotic and Egyptian Mau Breed Advisory Committees, and GCCF Delegate for the Lincolnshire Cat Club. I’m also a GCCF Judge of Asians, Burmese, Devon Rex, Ocicats, LaPerms, Snowshoes, Singapuras and Russians. Apart from cats, my other main hobby is designing graphics and websites, making use of my digital camera and Paint Shop Pro (totally addictive software!) As you’ll have realised, I’m also a fan of JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s wonderful film adaptations of “The Lord of the Rings” – and am now eagerly awaiting the first of 2 Hobbit movies!

I am now running my own business as a digital marketing consultant and because I work from home, I still have time to devote to my cats and kittens,  the best of both worlds really!

I’m happy to advise novice breeders on all aspects of showing/breeding – feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns and I will do my best to help.


Naomi J Johnson BSc MSc

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